Friday, November 25, 2005

Plinky Recto Finds Her Voice

Covered the GABRIELA presscon where the highlight was TV Host Plinky Recto. Will blog later.. but do watch my story on TV Patrol at 6:30 tonight.

You can also read the GABRIELA statement on the News Central blog.

...continuing my blog

There she was, Plinky Recto, beautiful as ever. I remember watching her as the classy, sassy, articulate host of the once top rating program "It's a Date." She was the proverbial "it" girl, close-up model, "crush ng bayan." From TV personality she tranformed herself to a Pilates Fitness Guru and now at 38, she looks stunning.

My daydreaming abruptly ended when I heard them shouting "Karahasan sa Kababaihan! Labanan! Wakasan!" over and over again. I suddenly realized where I was. Treehouse, Kapihan sa Cypress. Most reporters would know right away that this is the common venue for presscons held by militant groups such as Gabriela. I remember coming here every Saturday and to the Kapihan sa Sulu every Sunday when I was still in the General Assignments beat. But never in my wildest dreams would I imagine Ms. Plinky Recto in a Kapihan.

"Karahasan sa Kababaihan! Labanan! Wakasan!" I heard them say it again and again and again. Poor Plinky looked uneasy as she tried to open her mouth once, twice to utter the words along with other members of Gabriela while the press photographers and cameramen eagerly took their shots. Clearly she was out of place. In the end, though, she stood her ground and managed to say the words with confidence. Yes! I finally got my opening video.

If you watch TV Patrol World you would know by now that Plinky came out two days ago in an exclusive interview with Mario Dumaual saying she suffered physical and emotional abuse from her partner, the father of her one-year-old boy.

I couldn’t believe it as I watched Mario’s report and heard her say that she now has a permanent neck injury, two of her fingers are numb, and that she has to take medication 24/7 since he started beating her up in June this year. She filed a criminal complaint before the NBI in July. She also filed a petition under RA 9262, the “Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004” (My Gad! Only in 2004).

The question now of course is why would someone like Plinky Recto, whose brother is a Vice-Governor (Ricky Recto), another a Senator (Ralph) and a sister-in-law who’s a Mayor (no less than Vilma Santos) want to come out in the open?

A source tells me this guy is that powerful. He is a prominent legal counsel who handles high profile cases. Aside from supposedly stalking her, breaking her car windows and getting her lawyer’s car tires flattened, Plinky says, "he is capable of anything." Plinky now fears for her life and her family’s after he allegedly gave them death threats.

In other words, she may be a Recto and all, pero nakahanap siya ng nakatapat. Not crazy katapat, but katapat in terms of influence and resources. Now she says she has no choice but to turn to the media for her case to prosper. Her lawyer said, “Its sad, despite all these hearings, the end is not yet in sight.”

Plinky came out in the open on her own. She admitted the Rectos were shocked, but gave her their support. You see, she didn’t tell her brothers it was that bad until of late. She said that it has always been in her personality to keep her problems to herself and not include her family. But she also knows she’s a public figure, and now that everyone knows she’s a victim of violence, there is no turning back, it’s time to fight!

If you meet Plinky in person, you see right away she’s nice, perhaps too nice especially when it comes to men. She said it herself, “Perhaps my character flaw is that I take and I take and you think the person you love will change. You believe this is it, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with (pauses) well I think it’s the story of a woman in love.”

Some people may blame Plinky, like the 22-year old Subic victim, who some say “was asking for it.” That is just b-ll. Nobody has the right to abuse women under any circumstance. Period.

Now...where is my it is...sing with me...My Love is Dangerous by Freddie Mercury.

My love is dangerous, dangerous, my love is dangerous,
Always make you bleed, always makes you bleed,
Always make you bleed - love is dangerous.

Don't follow in my footsteps, you don't belong to me
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My love is dangerous, dangerous, love is dangerous
Make everybody cry, everybody cry
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Don't waste your time with loving, love don't work for me
Don't try to show your feelings
Step carefully - step carefully, all I'm trying to say-

My love is dangerous, because I'm your enemy
Watch your step carefully
'cause I know, I know, I know, I know, I know me
Dangerous, no can give you guarantee, I'm your one day ecstasy
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Dangerous, ooo dangerous, Love is dangerous,
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My love is dangerous, because I'm your enemy
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Dangerous, no can give you guarantee, I'm your one day ecstasy
Next day no

Dangerous, dangerous, my love is dagerous
Always make you bleed
Always make you bleed
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love is............


News Central said...

Hi Nina, thanks for allowing us to use the picture you took. We gave you credit for the picture. Thank you also for the link!

Rizalist said...

Why in the world did we field women lawyers? Why didn’t we send big burly young attorneys backed up by a fatherly figure and an even more senior old lawyer. It is international political theatre and we have the home field advantage. We should be projecting the message that the whole country cares about this case, that we protect and cherish our women, not just protest their conditions. It’s all about optics, yet we always have to play the victim, because that is the ideology that has taken hold: victimology. I think it is because the Left actually wants for the Filipino people to lose whenever they get into some issue involving America. To prove their persecution complex.

The whole “prosecution” team should be replaced with men that are smoldering with rage, but are holding it back at every step. Not screaming, metaphorically speaking, that we are being GANG RAPED by the whole process, or our own govt.

There is honest puzzlement about our behavior, even among Americans who support our case and wish those men, if found guilty, will find harsh boyfriends in Bilibid. For they have done more than allegedly rape an ally, they have endangered a serious mission of the US military. That believe it or not is my greatest hope for justice in this case.

Not the helpless howling that doesn’t realize we are actually in a position of moral strength if only we would play our cards right.


Nice Site thanks,
no one in particular just passing through!

lawspeak_007 said...

Hi Nina :

Do you have any initials or any other clues as to that lawyer-woman beater?

Anonymous said...

Washing laundry in public.....oh~oh...
this is fast becoming a party on tv....

Anonymous said...

hi Nina. people across the philippines are wondering who the hell is this influential lawyer-woman beater?

Anonymous said...

Is it FC?

Anonymous said...

Is it FC?

Anonymous said...

who's the guy???

Anonymous said...

i am just wondering.. she already came out in the open yet did not mention the name of the man.. kinda ridiculous.. what do u think?

Anonymous said...

check this link:

Palin said...

nina, name dropping would be very blunt...but..please post my comment.thanks.

Anonymous said...

If this guy, Plinky is referring to is a lawyer, what made him more powerful than the Recto's.

I don't understand the justice system in the Philippines. No matter how true the incident and accusation, Plinky will have a difficult time proving because this man seems to be able to buy justice at his leisure.

I will pray for her safety, family, and friends. I will also pray for this lawyer to be placed into justice if not, "May God pardon all his sins".

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina, Nice Scoops. Even My Mom is Wondering Who the Hell is this Guy? Bka hide talaga sikat!! :)

Anonymous said...

why dont the media tell the people the name of this dangerous guy... to think that he comes from a prominent family and have a high responsibility not for her as a partner but for the philippines... how can these man do such things... if they were not happy to each and wanted to live separately then be it... just let anyone live there life and enjoyed it. but they should not be harrassment... and bitting! dito sa pilipinas bakit ganyan???? kapag may koneksyon at mataas ang katungkulan ng binangga mo expect mo na kahit you tell the truth nababaligtad ka.... kung di man walang gustong makiaalam just because ayaw nila madamay... WHY? iam a fair person, but these past few years i know and have saw things.... i dont blame vigilantes why they just killed someone ... even if there is justice, kung makuha mo man malapit kana mamatay to win the battle... kung di man wag kana umasa dahil nakalimutan na ito at itinambak nalang sa basurahan... WHAT A SHAME!

Anonymous said...

hi Nina,
Why don't you check the court records of Ms. Plinky Recto. I believe that the story she gave regarding getting beaten is the same story she gave when she broke up with her previous lover. Even the pains in her neck, shoulders and fingers. TSK TSK TSK ms. Recto.

Anonymous said...

Bakit naman kasi???? Alam mo naman sana ang consequences bago mo pinasok ang situation eh. Sana naman magtanda eh.

Anonymous said...

Bakit naman kasi pinasok pa ang ganyang situation na alam namang mali? Of course she should know what would be the outcome, anuman ang situation nya now that's here choice. Andaming dapat pag aksayahan ng panahon sanang yun ang unahin, pwede?