Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Vic Sotto: "GMA didn't ask me to give way to Mulawin"

Vic Sotto is now in the middle of a controversy over an apparent "rift" with his home channel, GMA 7, even as his movie Enteng Kabisote 2 continues to rake it in at the box office. Enteng reportedly earned P 12.4 million on it's December 25 opening date making it the top grosser that day. Now we hear that it's a close fight between Enteng and Bong Revilla's Exodus for the number one spot. Meanwhile, another fantasy movie, Mulawin, remains in the number three spot.

During Enteng's victory party (which was held simultaneously with Exodus' victory party), Bosing couldn't escape being asked about the "rift" that came out in Inquirer's entertainment page on December 26. GMA 7 already issued a statement saying that it is unfair for them to be accused of not promoting Enteng when Vic was interviewed in Beinte Kwatro Oras and S-files.

Vic, on the other hand, is also being accused of not promoting Mulawin in Eat Bulaga. The noontime show is produced by TAPE, Inc., and not GMA 7. To my surprise, Vic bluntly admitted that it's true, "Eh para naman akong loko nun kung i-promote ko ang kalaban, plastic naman yun. Di ba, kumbaga, and GMA naman puwede nila i-promote ang Mulawin the whole day. Ako sa tanghali lang naman ako nakaka-promote. Di naman ako makapag-promote sa ibang timeslot." But Vic is very much a kapuso because of his sitcom "DA de di do du." He elicited laughter when he continued in jest, "Ewan ko lang kung sa TV show ko mismo (referring to his sitcom), lumabas ako, lumabas ba? Ah oo lumabas daw."

The tension was apparently heightened when Vic's co-stars in the movie weren't allowed to guest in the talkshow "Sis." The co-stars admitted they did tape an interview about the movie for "Sis" but it was never aired. Vic however said he could understand that since it is the program's prerogative. "May guestings na na-cancel pero naiintindihan ko. Wala akong sama ng loob." Even Bong Revilla's Exodus reportedly didn't get promoted on GMA 7 as much as Bong wanted, and Bong is also a kapuso.

But Vic added, "In fairness to them, they interviewed me for Beinte Kwatro and S-files. It just shows di kami pinagbabawalan ng GMA, meron lang silang pinoprotektahang project. Siyempre ganun talaga, you protect your own investment. Business yun eh."

There were also rumors that GMA asked Vic to give way to Mulawin but Bosing denies this. "No, there's no such thing."

In the middle of all the "nasaan ang puso" intriga questions thrown at Vic, Rey Pumaloy asked an interesting question, "Kung ordinaryong tao si Vic Sotto, mapapansin kaya siya?"

I looked at Bosing. I noticed his eyes are lighter than dark brown. Ay mestizo pala siya! He still looks the same way that I remember him when I was ten years old. His answers, however funny or kenkoy they may be, show the intelligience underneath the wry smile. His mere presence commands respect. He may be famous (or infamous) for the green jokes he used to throw at aspiring beauty queens with Tito and Joey, but there was no trace of that at the presscon. He was Bosing, the down-to-earth kind. He made jokes and gave everyone a good laugh. So I guess it's not so much his looks (though a lot of people say he is "papable") but his personality that endeared him to his fans.

In the end, the reporters pressed to get a good, intriguing soundbite from Vic about the apparent "rift". Vic gave in, "Buti nga nag-number three pa sila!" He was joking of course...with just a tad touch of irony. Everyone laughed.

And then another reporter asked, "Can you please tell us the budget for Enteng Kabisote? If Mulawin spent 80 million and Exodus 70 million, eh kayo?"

The answer came easy for Bosing, "Eh di 90 million!"

Monday, December 26, 2005

Kristine Hermosa wants to make amends with Echo, Mom...

"Sana kausapin na ako ni Echo, sana maging friends ulit kami." Kristine Hermosa surprised the press when she suddenly opened up about her rift with former beau and loveteam Jericho Rosales (who is now happy with Panday co-star Heart Evangelista). She didn't say why.

Then, she suddenly burst into tears when asked about her message to her family this Christmas. "Sana magkabati-bati na, magmahalan na lang tayo." Tin-tin hasn't spoken to her mom in two months since she went back to Diether Ocampo's arms. Her mom reportedly doesn't approve of Diet. "Karapat-dapat naman talaga siya (Diet), sana nandyan lang siya, sana maging strong kami para sa isa't isa."

No doubt, the Kristine-Diet romance is one of the top newsmakers of the year after the two secretly tied the knot in a civil wedding in Nueve Ecija. The two never admitted they got married even as Tin-Tin sported a huge diamond (engagement?) ring and what seemed to be a wedding band on her finger. But Tin-Tin did talk about having the marriage "nullified" and not "annulled" (though I'm not sure what the difference is -- can a lawyer help me here?), meaning, there was a wedding after all.

The question now is, if she had the wedding nullified, why is she back with Diet? Kristine tried to explain that the petition for nullification is nothing personal but merely a legal matter. She said she can't expound on the issue further since the matter now is in court and "hindi ko ma-explain kase naguguluhan din ako."

What's important for Kristine now is that she is happy with Diet. "Siya pa rin ang mahal ko at wala akong pinag-sisisihan."

Ayun na! Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Celebrity Christmas

Where will your favorite stars be this Christmas?

Claudine Barreto: "Sa bahay namin ni Raymart. It's gonna be fun because it's the first time the Barretos and the Santiago's are spending Christmas together so ang kulit non!"

Sam Milby: "I'm spending it with my relatives in Bulacan. I was supposed to go to Ohio to be with my family. I thought I was going to be in the States but the shooting of my movie with Bea and John Lloyd in New York was postponed to January."

Jericho Rosales: "Somewhere in Asia."

Sharon Cuneta: "We will be spending it in my parents' house in Dasmarinas Village. My cousins and I are all very close, everyone will be there. It's really the time to be with family. It's nothing showbiz, except for my cousin Ciara (Sotto) and my Tita Helen Gamboa. I'm really looking forward to being with them and just be ourselves."

Piolo Pascual: "Sa bahay ko (in Paranaque). I'm really excited because my mom, sisters and relatives are all here from the States. It's the first time in more than fifteen years that we will all be together."

John Lloyd Cruz: "In New York. Two of my siblings live there. I'm flying there after doing a series of shows in California with Bea (Alonso). It's the first time in 6 years that we will be having this kind of reunion."

Judy Anne Santos: "Sa bahay lang with my family. It's my first Christmas with Ryan (Agoncillo) since our relationship became official so it's going to be special."

Iya Villania: "I usually go to Australia but this time I will be spending it in Manila. My family are the ones who came here for Christmas so I'm really looking forward to it."

Dina Bonevie: "I was in California for four months. I'm excited to be back to spend Christmas in our house in Ayala Heights with Danica and Oyo Boy. I missed them so much!"

Jay-R: "I've never been to New York during Christmas so right after the filmfest parade (Jay-r is in the movie "Exodus"), I'm flying to New York on Christmas day. It's gonna be fun, ice skating on Times Square, watch the ball drop since I will be staying there till the New Year."

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Imelda in Divisoria

"Have you been to 168? If not, "di ka in!"

I first heard about 168 a month ago from a rich couple who described it simply as the "best place to shop". I thought, "Oh my, another 6750, home to high end specialty shops like Bulgari and Escada, forget it." And then I heard the clincher, "It's in Divisoria, you know, malapit sa Tutuban." I wanted to ask in disbelief, "What, you go to Divisoria?"

They described 168 as the "mother of all tiangges." I wanted to die, it sounds like heaven! So for almost four weeks I was hearing creepy little voices saying 168, 168, 168, over and over again. I waited for the day, and it came like it was my destiny. My bosses in the newsroom assigned me to cover the story. Actually It was given to me last week, but because I was too busy covering other stories I only went last Thursday.

Soler street was jampacked with traffic. The signs were everywhere, "This way to 168." Finally, there it was, 168 shopping mall. Why, it's a mall! There's actually two malls, mall 1 and mall 2. Inside, I saw three floors of tiangges everywhere. So, this is what's "eating into mall sales," as Inquirer put it on their frontpage. For those who are curious about what 168 means, the chinese interpret it as "one road to success."

True enough I bumped into China Cojuangco who was dressed down in her cap, jeans and sneakers. You'd think she was just an ordinary shopper but I noticed the bodyguards who tried to be inconspicuos. She was with a friend minding her own business when I suddenly came into her face with an ABS-CBN microphone and my camera in tow, introduced myself quickly and asked her the only question that came into my mind, "What are you doing here?" I had meant to ask "What's a person like you doing in Divisoria?" but it sounded too blunt.

Fortunately China understood my question and said, "I'm always in Divisoria! I like coming here because it's cheap and you can make tawad pa." Then she mentions other market places in Divisoria which I cannot recall. She even said some items are more expensive in 168 compared to other Divi stores, "maybe because of the rent, but it's okay, what's a few pesos, it's aircon pa." I told her she seemed to know Divisoria really well and she proudly said, "Oh yes!" China seems so down to earth. I couldn't help but notice the towel on her shoulders, as in parang driver! This girl is amazing. My friend, Lui Villaruz (China's BF) is lucky. Remember "Senorito Lakswatsero" when it was still Magandang Umaga Bayan? He also did the Gilbeys barkada commercial and some supporting roles in some Star Cinema movies.

Tama na nga ang tsismis. :) Back to 168, I heard Imelda Marcos is a "suki." Her daughter, Congresswoman Imee Marcos (another "suki") was quoted as saying, "My mom will get sick if she doesn't go to 168 once a week." Believe it or not, I heard she even bought unbranded (probably made in China or Korea) shoes! Manay Gina de Venecia is another fan. Baby Arenas has also been spotted and many more socialites, politicians, showbiz personalities, fashionistas, etc.!

Wow, is Divisoria changing? "Dati kase pag sinabi mo Divisoria, mainit, maputik, pero dito sa 168, malinis, aircon, at mura talaga," so one woman told me. Most items in 168 are being sold by Chinese traders and come from China, Hong Kong and Korea.

168 has gone a long way since it's soft opening in December 2003. Now it's more popular than ever. Mall 3 is already under construction. I've been told 30 to 50 thousand people go there on weekdays and up to 80 thousand people walk through the tiangges on weekends. Just be prepared for the "siksikan" especially on weekends. But nowadays when times are hard, whether you have a fat wallet or an empty one, people want value for their money.

If you're not done with your Christmas shopping.. 168 beckons.. you have 3 days left!

Happy shopping! :)

Say You, Say Me, Say No Apologies

This article has been sitting in my drafts folder for some time now. Unfortunately, I've been away from my PC for quite some time, so I was able to post it only now. Hope you still find it interesting...
* * * * * * *

"I don't owe her any apology. Hindi ko siya kilala and I am not a showbiz person. I come from a reality program. Hindi ako ang nag-create ng situation na to. I did not call her names. I just expressed my feelings about JB." This was Say Alonzo's answer to a reporter who asked if she had anything to apologize for.

Angelica are you listening?

Say, as usual, was frank and open when bombarded by questions about her break-up with JB. By this time, she knew about my exclusive interview with Angelica. I found out from Say's pretty younger sister, Kelly, that her mom cried after watching the story. My heart went out to her mom because she felt her daughter's pain. This was the same case with Angelica's mom, who was so affected when she found out that her daughter was accused of being the "third party."

It's always hard reporting a story when you know that somebody is bound to get hurt -- but we do what we have to do. Say's mom told me she did not blame me for the report, and that she understood that I had to air Angelica's side.

But after everything that's been said and done, Say is standing by her decision not to take back JB. She says she still loves him -- but can no longer trust him. But at the same time, she says, she is not closing her doors. She said she didn't mean to drag Angelica into the picture. She was asked on "The Buzz" why she was acting strangely towards JB, and she simply answered the question -- she expressed how she felt, what she believed, including what people had told her was supposedly Angelica's part in the equation. Imagine, she was inside the house for 103 days, and when she got out all she heard from her well-meaning friends were Angelica and JB this and that. What's is a girl like her to do?

I always say it's a privilege being a reporter when people entrust you with their feelings and thoughts. The best part is hearing two sides of the story. It gives you a better perspective of the situation and why things happened the way they did. I do not blame Angelica or Say for feeling and saying what they felt. They should just be aware though of the consequences, especially when they're talking on TV. The audience is watching and listening. Judgements will be made, heroes will be praised, villains will be condemned. In the end, it's not always about what they feel and what they want to say -- they know that the world (or the Philippines) is watching, since they're expressing their thoughts and baring their souls to a rolling camera.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

BJ still In-Love with Rica?

"At this point if it's not her, then I'd rather not be with anyone."

Bernard "BJ" Palanca surprised the press during his birthday press conference when he said this about Rica even after the two broke up a year ago.

More on TV Patrol World tonight...6:30 pm onwards...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Say, Angelica, JB Love Triangle

Sorry guys it's been a hectic work week but I promise to write more about this soon...so stay tuned!

Let me just give you a quick overview of what's been happening:

Angelica breaks her silence and tells Say to clear her name because JB and her are just friends. (check out the shirt!)

Say will not apologize for anything she's already said because she just expressed how she really felt.

JB still wants Say back.

Will she take him back? Say's answer and more on my next blog...

Check out Angelica's side below. Say's side coming soon!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Angelica's Side

Angel's T-shirt

Her t-shirt said it all: "Tell your boyfriend to stop calling me." Those were the words written on Angelica's black baby tee. This girl knows how to make a statement even without having to open her mouth.

I noticed the shirt right away as Angelica approached me for my exclusive one-on-one interview with her for TV Patrol World. She seemed to be in a good mood, laughing as she sat in the "hot seat." I pointed out the shirt. "Wala lang, basta, wala na kase akong masuot, lahat nasa labahan," she said sarcastically but still smiling. She was very pretty with hardly any trace of make-up. Her baby fat had melted away revealing a fuller, more womanly figure. Her movie "Santa Santita" again came to mind. She abruptly transformed from a sweet and innocent looking Angelica to a younger version of "Taray Queen" Annabelle Rama. I don't blame her. She was accused of stealing someone else's boyfriend on national TV.

I later found out the shirt was a gift from her good friend Heart Evangelista, who gave her the shirt in October when the rumors about her and JB started. Even then, Angelica never talked about the issue when the showbiz talk shows and entertainment reporters were prodding her to say something. She thought it was a non-issue and simply hoped it would die a natural death. But far from doing so, the issue got a full shot of adrenalin when Say accused Angelica on "The Buzz" of being JB's "other woman"! Of course, naawa lahat kay Say and Angel became an instant "kontrabida."

Say and JB's Romance

For those who don't know the story, let me rewind a bit. Say and JB became boyfriend-girlfriend after only a month of being inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. They professed, in their actions and words, undying love for each other as witnessed by all the viewers. When JB got evicted, he promised to wait for Say and so their love story went.. until.. until that picture! A picture of JB and Angelica na allegedly magkayakap. It was shown to Say by her sister when she was evicted from the PBB house Saturday, accompanied with a number of horror stories and rumors regarding JB and Angelica. This explains Say's cold treatment of JB on stage when they finally meet in person.

Controversial Picture

I saw the picture and I thought it was harmless -- unless that wasn't the one in question. Angelica showed it to me and said somebody sent it to her friendster account. I'm sure you all want to see it, if you haven't yet. I will scan the picture and post it here soon. It just shows JB na naka-akbay kay Angel. Yun lang, parang normal friends. According to Angel, that was taken during a gimmick at Embassy Bar, where they went out with a group of friends. "Bilang artista, sanay na ako na may lumalapit, kumukuha ng picture, so yun, nag-pose lang kami ni JB dahil ni-request nung taong yun," Angel explained.

Sobra na, Tama na

She said she's been pushed to the wall, "Para ako naging kabit, wag naman sana nila akong siraan ng ganito, hindi naman totoo." She said she only wants to clear her name because "feeling ko parang sobra na. Gumi-mick kami sa Embassy, bakit masama? Kabarkada ko siya. So ngayon ako ang dahilan kung bakit break sila? Excuse me, ayusin n'yo yang gulo n'yo. Wag kayong mang-damay!"

The fact is that Angel and JB have been barkada even before JB's stint in PBB. Angel is actually closer to his two brothers -- the other one works for ABS-CBN. So naturally, as barkada, they go out.

100 Seconds

What about Say's accusation that Angel waited for JB outside the PBB house during PBB's "100 seconds?" This was when each housemate got the chance to spend time with their loved ones. JB and Say were so emotional when they saw each other and they hugged each other like there was no tomorrow. So when people heard Say's revelation, sino ba naman ang hindi magagalit kay JB at Angelica? If it's true that JB is dating Angelica, how could he do that while his "date" was waiting outside? Worse, how could Angelica wait outside? A person's normal reaction would be, ang kapal, diba?

When I asked Angelica if she was really outside the PBB house that time, she answered without batting an eyelash, "Yes. Nandun ako, pero hindi ko hinintay si JB, excuse me!"

She said the "100 seconds" happened during JB's thanksgiving party where she even met Say's family. She described them saying, "mababait sila." After the party, Angelica went with JB's brother, Pau, to the PBB house. Angelica says it was just a coincidence that they were taping Say's 100 seconds with JB that time. She says she decided to tour the house as it was her first time there. "Inikot ko yung house, kasama ko pa nga si Direk Lauren (Dyogi, PBB's director). Lahat naman ng pumupunta dun ginagawa yun, nagkataon lang na nandun din si JB. Hinintay ko raw siya? Ano gagawin ko kay JB?" Angelica said in frustration.

Understanding Say

Despite her obvious anger, Angelica said she's trying to understand Say. If she were in Say's shoes, a prisoner from the outside world for more than 100 days, she would probably feel the same. But Angelica says, she would confront JB first before making any accusations, "hindi ako mangdadamay ng ibang tao sa TV."

Poor Say. Poor Angelica.

Say was hurt and only expressed how she felt when she heard about her ex-boyfriend and his alleged "girlfriend."

Angelica was hurt because she was accused of being the "other woman" when JB and her are just barkada.

In a perfect (or normal) world, Say would confront JB. JB would tell her the truth that there's nothing going on between him and Angelica. Say would then (hopefully) understand and they would live happily ever!

Ahh, all the world is a stage.. especially in showbiz!


You really want to know the scoop? Angelica spent her Birthday last November at JB's house in La Union, but she was reportedly with her real love. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the issue. Next time ulit! :) Let's leave Angelica and her love life in peace for now...

Angelica Breaks her Silence

Watch out for my exclusive interview with Angelica Panganiban on TV Patrol World tonight 6:30 pm onwards. Angelica answers for the first time the truth behind the rumors that she is JB's "other woman"...

to be continued!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Marvin Agustin: Man Enough to Face the Music

I wonder how Marvin Agustin felt when during a presscon, a reporter asked him how it felt like being a "has-been"! He was still smiling, but I wondered what could he have be thinking, or rather, feeling? I didn't hear his answer. I don't think he gave one.

That was just the beginning. Right after that someone asked him if he was thinking of transferring to GMA-7 "since his career was going nowhere." Marvin said he had no plans of jumping ship, since he owed a lot to ABS-CBN who took care of him for nine years. He also said he's happy that he was allowed to do projects for other companies like Canary Films, which is producing his new movie "Kutob," a Metro Filmfest entry directed by Jose Javier Reyes. He added that he was even allowed to star in the rival network's upcoming Magpakailanman episode.

With that, another reporter commented, "Isn't that so telling? Pinapayagan ka sa rival station? Ibig sabihin, pinapalayas ka na!" Marvin just smiled. Another reporter followed-up with, "Do you think they would allow Piolo or Jericho to do the same? No way!" Marvin kept his smile and said, "Masaya ako at may trabaho ako."

Then came the questions on his being a new daddy to three-month-old twins, Santiago and Sebastian. A reporter commented in front of everyone, that the twins were the product of an illicit affair. Rumors at that time even said that the affair was actually a one-night stand. I looked at Marvin and wanted to ask, how can you take all this? But before I could speak, my face must have given me away. He motioned his hand to his ear, "Pasok dito, tapos labas sa kabila."

Marvin has admittedly made a lot of mistakes, and to some, this one may be the biggest. He was still going out with the daughter of Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, Chi-chi, when rumors started spreading that he had impregnated another girl. The confirmation of the rumor eventually caused the collapse of his relationship with Ms. Atienza.

The mother of his twins, Tetet, also comes from a political clan. She is the daugther of former Isabela Governor Faustino Dy. Tetet is not new to the showbiz scene. According to an article of Ms. Ethel Ramos in The Manila Times, she was once romantically linked to Nino Muhlach and Aga's younger brother, Albert.

Marvin and Tetet have no plans of getting married yet. Marvin described her as his "best friend." He said he has a good relationship with the Dy family who agreed to let the babies carry his real last name, Cuyugan. Then from out of nowhere my good friend Ogie Diaz asked a very Ogie Diaz question, "Do you still have sex?"

Marvin pretended not to hear it, but then everyone started laughing, and he joined in. It looks like Marvin has come to terms with how his life turned out. Despite all the "hard" questions, he remained calm and composed. He has kept his boyish charm and his ever-ready smile appeared sincere. In fact, he looks so much better now, tanned and fit as he had to work out for his psycho role in "Kutob."

What I admire about Marvin is that he is man enough to face the consequences of his actions. He said, "I made a mistake, but this time I want to make it right by being a good and responsible father." His face noticably lights up when he talks about his twins. It's evident how much he enjoys being a father. He also calls Tetet the "best mom." "I'm glad this thing happened to us, with her, not with anybody else," he mused.

Marvin may not be the darling of ABS-CBN right now, but he is living his life, taking care of his businesses -- ricecapades, dunkin donuts, etc -- and moving on. The old adage may be true, "pana-panahon lang yan." But then, there will always be that hope of better weather ahead.