Monday, December 05, 2005

Angelica's Side

Angel's T-shirt

Her t-shirt said it all: "Tell your boyfriend to stop calling me." Those were the words written on Angelica's black baby tee. This girl knows how to make a statement even without having to open her mouth.

I noticed the shirt right away as Angelica approached me for my exclusive one-on-one interview with her for TV Patrol World. She seemed to be in a good mood, laughing as she sat in the "hot seat." I pointed out the shirt. "Wala lang, basta, wala na kase akong masuot, lahat nasa labahan," she said sarcastically but still smiling. She was very pretty with hardly any trace of make-up. Her baby fat had melted away revealing a fuller, more womanly figure. Her movie "Santa Santita" again came to mind. She abruptly transformed from a sweet and innocent looking Angelica to a younger version of "Taray Queen" Annabelle Rama. I don't blame her. She was accused of stealing someone else's boyfriend on national TV.

I later found out the shirt was a gift from her good friend Heart Evangelista, who gave her the shirt in October when the rumors about her and JB started. Even then, Angelica never talked about the issue when the showbiz talk shows and entertainment reporters were prodding her to say something. She thought it was a non-issue and simply hoped it would die a natural death. But far from doing so, the issue got a full shot of adrenalin when Say accused Angelica on "The Buzz" of being JB's "other woman"! Of course, naawa lahat kay Say and Angel became an instant "kontrabida."

Say and JB's Romance

For those who don't know the story, let me rewind a bit. Say and JB became boyfriend-girlfriend after only a month of being inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. They professed, in their actions and words, undying love for each other as witnessed by all the viewers. When JB got evicted, he promised to wait for Say and so their love story went.. until.. until that picture! A picture of JB and Angelica na allegedly magkayakap. It was shown to Say by her sister when she was evicted from the PBB house Saturday, accompanied with a number of horror stories and rumors regarding JB and Angelica. This explains Say's cold treatment of JB on stage when they finally meet in person.

Controversial Picture

I saw the picture and I thought it was harmless -- unless that wasn't the one in question. Angelica showed it to me and said somebody sent it to her friendster account. I'm sure you all want to see it, if you haven't yet. I will scan the picture and post it here soon. It just shows JB na naka-akbay kay Angel. Yun lang, parang normal friends. According to Angel, that was taken during a gimmick at Embassy Bar, where they went out with a group of friends. "Bilang artista, sanay na ako na may lumalapit, kumukuha ng picture, so yun, nag-pose lang kami ni JB dahil ni-request nung taong yun," Angel explained.

Sobra na, Tama na

She said she's been pushed to the wall, "Para ako naging kabit, wag naman sana nila akong siraan ng ganito, hindi naman totoo." She said she only wants to clear her name because "feeling ko parang sobra na. Gumi-mick kami sa Embassy, bakit masama? Kabarkada ko siya. So ngayon ako ang dahilan kung bakit break sila? Excuse me, ayusin n'yo yang gulo n'yo. Wag kayong mang-damay!"

The fact is that Angel and JB have been barkada even before JB's stint in PBB. Angel is actually closer to his two brothers -- the other one works for ABS-CBN. So naturally, as barkada, they go out.

100 Seconds

What about Say's accusation that Angel waited for JB outside the PBB house during PBB's "100 seconds?" This was when each housemate got the chance to spend time with their loved ones. JB and Say were so emotional when they saw each other and they hugged each other like there was no tomorrow. So when people heard Say's revelation, sino ba naman ang hindi magagalit kay JB at Angelica? If it's true that JB is dating Angelica, how could he do that while his "date" was waiting outside? Worse, how could Angelica wait outside? A person's normal reaction would be, ang kapal, diba?

When I asked Angelica if she was really outside the PBB house that time, she answered without batting an eyelash, "Yes. Nandun ako, pero hindi ko hinintay si JB, excuse me!"

She said the "100 seconds" happened during JB's thanksgiving party where she even met Say's family. She described them saying, "mababait sila." After the party, Angelica went with JB's brother, Pau, to the PBB house. Angelica says it was just a coincidence that they were taping Say's 100 seconds with JB that time. She says she decided to tour the house as it was her first time there. "Inikot ko yung house, kasama ko pa nga si Direk Lauren (Dyogi, PBB's director). Lahat naman ng pumupunta dun ginagawa yun, nagkataon lang na nandun din si JB. Hinintay ko raw siya? Ano gagawin ko kay JB?" Angelica said in frustration.

Understanding Say

Despite her obvious anger, Angelica said she's trying to understand Say. If she were in Say's shoes, a prisoner from the outside world for more than 100 days, she would probably feel the same. But Angelica says, she would confront JB first before making any accusations, "hindi ako mangdadamay ng ibang tao sa TV."

Poor Say. Poor Angelica.

Say was hurt and only expressed how she felt when she heard about her ex-boyfriend and his alleged "girlfriend."

Angelica was hurt because she was accused of being the "other woman" when JB and her are just barkada.

In a perfect (or normal) world, Say would confront JB. JB would tell her the truth that there's nothing going on between him and Angelica. Say would then (hopefully) understand and they would live happily ever!

Ahh, all the world is a stage.. especially in showbiz!


You really want to know the scoop? Angelica spent her Birthday last November at JB's house in La Union, but she was reportedly with her real love. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the issue. Next time ulit! :) Let's leave Angelica and her love life in peace for now...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the picture that Angelica showed was not THE picture. That particular one she showed you was taken by a fan and harmless talaga. Say said nakayakap which is totally different from nakaakbay plus there's also a video supposedly. It's not just that. People supposedly saw JB and Angelica smacking, hindi lang hugs and holding hands. Ibang level na yun sa "friends lang". There's probably nothing going on right NOW but Angelica should have stayed away from JB from the start or at least avoided showing herself with him in public.

Anonymous said...

Mukhang may kinakampahin ka base sa pagsusulat mo....oh well!!!

Jenny L. said...

kung may picture at video, ilabas para matigil na lahat ng haka haka. Kung meron, malandi si Angelica kung wala sinungaling si Say. Ganon lang kasimple yon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of Angelica but I think, ginagamit lang ni Say yung issue, para mapag usapan sha. I just don't really understand, me fans ba si Say? eh nung nasa PBB pa sha,oozing sha ng ka hypocrite-ahan niya... GET A LIFE, Say..