Thursday, December 01, 2005

Marvin Agustin: Man Enough to Face the Music

I wonder how Marvin Agustin felt when during a presscon, a reporter asked him how it felt like being a "has-been"! He was still smiling, but I wondered what could he have be thinking, or rather, feeling? I didn't hear his answer. I don't think he gave one.

That was just the beginning. Right after that someone asked him if he was thinking of transferring to GMA-7 "since his career was going nowhere." Marvin said he had no plans of jumping ship, since he owed a lot to ABS-CBN who took care of him for nine years. He also said he's happy that he was allowed to do projects for other companies like Canary Films, which is producing his new movie "Kutob," a Metro Filmfest entry directed by Jose Javier Reyes. He added that he was even allowed to star in the rival network's upcoming Magpakailanman episode.

With that, another reporter commented, "Isn't that so telling? Pinapayagan ka sa rival station? Ibig sabihin, pinapalayas ka na!" Marvin just smiled. Another reporter followed-up with, "Do you think they would allow Piolo or Jericho to do the same? No way!" Marvin kept his smile and said, "Masaya ako at may trabaho ako."

Then came the questions on his being a new daddy to three-month-old twins, Santiago and Sebastian. A reporter commented in front of everyone, that the twins were the product of an illicit affair. Rumors at that time even said that the affair was actually a one-night stand. I looked at Marvin and wanted to ask, how can you take all this? But before I could speak, my face must have given me away. He motioned his hand to his ear, "Pasok dito, tapos labas sa kabila."

Marvin has admittedly made a lot of mistakes, and to some, this one may be the biggest. He was still going out with the daughter of Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, Chi-chi, when rumors started spreading that he had impregnated another girl. The confirmation of the rumor eventually caused the collapse of his relationship with Ms. Atienza.

The mother of his twins, Tetet, also comes from a political clan. She is the daugther of former Isabela Governor Faustino Dy. Tetet is not new to the showbiz scene. According to an article of Ms. Ethel Ramos in The Manila Times, she was once romantically linked to Nino Muhlach and Aga's younger brother, Albert.

Marvin and Tetet have no plans of getting married yet. Marvin described her as his "best friend." He said he has a good relationship with the Dy family who agreed to let the babies carry his real last name, Cuyugan. Then from out of nowhere my good friend Ogie Diaz asked a very Ogie Diaz question, "Do you still have sex?"

Marvin pretended not to hear it, but then everyone started laughing, and he joined in. It looks like Marvin has come to terms with how his life turned out. Despite all the "hard" questions, he remained calm and composed. He has kept his boyish charm and his ever-ready smile appeared sincere. In fact, he looks so much better now, tanned and fit as he had to work out for his psycho role in "Kutob."

What I admire about Marvin is that he is man enough to face the consequences of his actions. He said, "I made a mistake, but this time I want to make it right by being a good and responsible father." His face noticably lights up when he talks about his twins. It's evident how much he enjoys being a father. He also calls Tetet the "best mom." "I'm glad this thing happened to us, with her, not with anybody else," he mused.

Marvin may not be the darling of ABS-CBN right now, but he is living his life, taking care of his businesses -- ricecapades, dunkin donuts, etc -- and moving on. The old adage may be true, "pana-panahon lang yan." But then, there will always be that hope of better weather ahead.


finally i believe said...

Hi Marvin i salute you. Ang galing mo kaya
kapamilya me ever
Nina Hi i like your site. ngayon lang ako napadpad dito eh. Its me patrick from cebu hope to read more news from you nina

houseband00 said...

Isn't it rare to encounter incidents of true grace these days, Nina? Grace is defined as "a characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement." Marvin seemed to show exactly this at that presscon. As opposed to Karma or justice, grace upends both, actually. Marvin handled himself well, don't you think?

dinorado said...

eyo, just read your marvin item, tsika lang, kung hindi pa siya nagkaroon ng kambal, hindi siya mapag-uusapan. tama lang na mag-shift na siya ng career as business-man dahil wala na siyang kalalagyan sa showbiz, it's true, HAS BEEN na siya and good thing about him,me naipon siya kaya may mga negosyo siya, sana lang magkatuluyan sila ng ina ng kambal niya para buo ang family. you see hindi buo ang family ni marvin and everybody knows that.
nice job nina.....

Kiss My Mike said...

In my opinion, the way the questions were asked was out of the line and a bit condescending.

Good thing he was able to keep his cool.

Anonymous said...

I love pogie Marvin

Hi Marvin really adore you and i love your site i would love to read more from you, Halie

Anonymous said...

Hi just want to comment about your saying the businesses of Marvin in particular dunkin donuts. I think it's mister donuts