Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Say You, Say Me, Say No Apologies

This article has been sitting in my drafts folder for some time now. Unfortunately, I've been away from my PC for quite some time, so I was able to post it only now. Hope you still find it interesting...
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"I don't owe her any apology. Hindi ko siya kilala and I am not a showbiz person. I come from a reality program. Hindi ako ang nag-create ng situation na to. I did not call her names. I just expressed my feelings about JB." This was Say Alonzo's answer to a reporter who asked if she had anything to apologize for.

Angelica are you listening?

Say, as usual, was frank and open when bombarded by questions about her break-up with JB. By this time, she knew about my exclusive interview with Angelica. I found out from Say's pretty younger sister, Kelly, that her mom cried after watching the story. My heart went out to her mom because she felt her daughter's pain. This was the same case with Angelica's mom, who was so affected when she found out that her daughter was accused of being the "third party."

It's always hard reporting a story when you know that somebody is bound to get hurt -- but we do what we have to do. Say's mom told me she did not blame me for the report, and that she understood that I had to air Angelica's side.

But after everything that's been said and done, Say is standing by her decision not to take back JB. She says she still loves him -- but can no longer trust him. But at the same time, she says, she is not closing her doors. She said she didn't mean to drag Angelica into the picture. She was asked on "The Buzz" why she was acting strangely towards JB, and she simply answered the question -- she expressed how she felt, what she believed, including what people had told her was supposedly Angelica's part in the equation. Imagine, she was inside the house for 103 days, and when she got out all she heard from her well-meaning friends were Angelica and JB this and that. What's is a girl like her to do?

I always say it's a privilege being a reporter when people entrust you with their feelings and thoughts. The best part is hearing two sides of the story. It gives you a better perspective of the situation and why things happened the way they did. I do not blame Angelica or Say for feeling and saying what they felt. They should just be aware though of the consequences, especially when they're talking on TV. The audience is watching and listening. Judgements will be made, heroes will be praised, villains will be condemned. In the end, it's not always about what they feel and what they want to say -- they know that the world (or the Philippines) is watching, since they're expressing their thoughts and baring their souls to a rolling camera.


Anonymous said...

I read na nagbati na daw sina Say at Angelica offcam according to a report in TV Patrol? Kung totoo man iyon, that's really good news.

Anonymous said...

yup, nagbati na nga.