Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bernard and Merryl: Going Strong

I got an e-mail from Maria asking if I have more about Bernard Palanca (Rica Peralejo's ex) and Merryl Soriano (Willie Revillame's daughter and Maricel Soriano's niece) after she saw my report in TV Patrol. BJ and Merryl are now in Batangas for the Holy Week with family and friends. I caught the lovebirds at the Yes Anniversary Party last week and here's my interview with them in full. Enjoy!

Nina: Tell us where your relationship is at right now?

Bernard: It's at a point where it's still growing, but everytime it does, for every single step of the way that it grows, the better it gets, the more beautiful it becomes.

Meryll: Yeah ganon din kasi we're getting to know each other more and more. we discover things that makes us love each other more now and then parang the relationship is growing and we're very happy about it.

Nina: What's the best thing about Meryll, and whats the best thing about Bernard?

Bernard: The best thing about her is she's real and she doesnt pretend to be anyone around me. She's always herself no matter where we are and she treats me like human being.

Nina: What do you mean (human being)?

Meryll: (Laughter) You're a human being, love.

Bernard: She treats me like how someone is supposed to be treated... meaning with all honesty, complete compassion, affection, sincerity and love. She makes me.. she brings the realness out of me.

Meryll: Well, he treats me like a queen.

Bernard: You are my queen.

Meryll: Well, you are my king.

Meryll: He makes me feel so special and he lets me do the things that i want to do (aside from acting, Merryl is now also into photography). He also inspires me.

Nina: Ano naman ang say ni daddy Willie sa relasyon ninyo?

Meryll: Ok naman siya, wala naman siyang problema.

Nina: Ano ina-advise niya sayo?

Meryll: (Smiling) Wala.

Nina: Wala siyang say?

Meryll: (Laughing) Wala!

Bernard: (Laughing) Hi Dad!

Meryll: Wowowee!

Bernard: I've known Willie even before I met her, so its ok.

Meryll: So wala naman talagang problema.

Bernard: Yeah.

Nina: What are your plans this coming Holy Week, malapit na?

Meryll: Wala, we don't have plan pa nga eh (the two are now in Batangas).

Bernard: Well, actually we're still planning it.

Meryll: Yeah.

Bernard: Because we dont wanna be in Bora. We dont want to go where everyone else is going.

Meryll: Gusto sana namin somewhere peaceful.

Bernard: Somewhere very quiet and where there's water so we can wakeboard.

Meryll: (Laughing)

Bernard: I'm gonna teach her wakeboarding.

Nina: And finally, last question anong meaning sa inyo ng Holy Week kasi yung iba nakakalimutan na nila kung ano ang meaning...

Bernard: Oh no, Holy Week is really the time to reflect on...where you are, what you have, who you are and what you're given...and really to remember why you're here, why we are all here. Holy week is a very special week.

Meryll: It is the time to talk to God and just to ponder on some things and think about, you know, the blessings that you have in life and also to ask for forgiveness and talagang time to be quiet.

Bernard: And to remember what He did for pay him back by being good.

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