Monday, April 17, 2006

Joey Marquez and other star sightings in Bora

Boracay on a Holy Week is like paradise for paparazzis. As if on cue, celebrities just love going to this island at this time and the cameras are waiting for them. Sexy stars Maui Taylor, Ethel Booba, Gwen Garci seem to have made it their "panata" to be in Bora at the same time every year. They just always find themselves in a controversy whether they are in their skimpy bikini's or not.

My cameraman was there and oh boy he was just so shocked at some of the things he saw, to quote, "Ma'am, grabe pala ang mga nangyayari dito sa Boracay." But my cameraman is not a paparazzi. Some of the things he saw will never be aired. Not in our newscast and not in this blog. Sorry. But of course I still have a "scoopful" that have, thankfully, passed the "board of censors", including a playful interview with the playful Joey Marquez.


Lino Cayetano was seen lovey dovey with girlfriend Bianca Gonzalez dispelling rumors that the two broke up after the Bianca-Zanjoe episode in Pinoy Big Brother.

Zanjoe, on the other hand, was seen "super flirting" with Pinoy Big Brother host Mariel Rodriguez.

Joey Marquez claims he and Alicia Meyer are "not so close anymore", but later, the sexy tv host was seen with Joey in the same hotel.

TV Patrol's Marie Lozano got an exclusive interview with Joey during the Holy Week and here's what the charming "Tsong" had to say:

Marie: You were also in Boracay last year.

Joey: Last year with my kids.

Marie: Parang I saw you the other day with uh, Alicia?

Joey: No! I don't think she's here.

Marie: How are you...

Joey: Me or my friends?

Marie: You and Alicia.

Joey: We're not that close anymore, we're still friends and we work together.

Marie: You were never together?

Joey: No, (smiling) I swear to God.

Marie: (Laughs) Uy Holy week ngayon, dapat no lies.

Joey: Yes, Holy week, no lies.

Marie: What do you do pag Holy week?

Joey: Pray.

Marie: Are you abstaining from anything?

Joey: I won't eat meat.

Marie: All kinds of meat?

Joey: Cooked or not cooked.

Marie: Sushi?

Joey: Tame or wild (laughter).

Marie: Kris got married, ikaw, kelan ka ulit?

Joey: Me? I just got out of marriage. I think it will take another 10 to 20 more years before I reconsider marriage. Maybe when I'm seventy (laughter).

Marie: But you're happy naman for Kris, of course you said that before...

Joey: Me? Hahahaha

Marie: Who's your special someone now?

Joey: Mga anak ko.

Marie: You're not looking for love?

Joey: For me today, love is just a painful experience so wag muna.

Marie: Heartbroken?

Joey: Hindi naman heartbroken, I'm too old for that. Siguro I just have to polish my attitude about what love is.


ken said...

was stupefied by the swarm of people in Boracay (& Puerto Galera) shown on TV...or do the people congregate in front of the TV cameras?

just wanted to opine that TV Patrol should show more of lovely Niňa on their Star Patrol segment.

ganda-ganda ni Niňa! super sexy pa!

Anonymous said...

i knew it! pinaglaruan lang ni zanjoe si bianca, tapos ngayon si mariel naman!

Anonymous said...

WAAAAHH is it true yun kay zanjoe and mariel??