Monday, May 22, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Filming Location

I have received some e-mail from Filipinos living in Canada and even from the Canadian Embassy here in Manila correcting me about the filming location of the movie "Brokeback Mountain". I was informed that the film was shot in Alberta, Canada. I did not directly refer to where the film was actually shot but the setting of the movie, please see excerpt below:

"I recently saw Brokeback Mountain and apart from the story, I was moved by its breathtaking scenery. Set in Wyoming and Texas amidst a sweeping landscape of snowcapped mountains and hills and lakes and all these shapes. Never mind if two macho cowboys were passionately kissing. The bottomline is it's a rare, incredible love story you wouldn't want to happen to you but you get moved by it anyway."

Nevertheless, thank you for all the e-mail and comments. I realize it (whether it's the filming location or movie setting) can be confusing. I should have pointed that out in the article but now I know another piece of paradise on earth and that's in Alberta, Canada. :) It's so beautiful that I've included it on my "must-see-places-before-I-die-list."

Anyway, here's what I got from Wikipedia regarding the filming location of Brokeback Mountain. I'm also publishing one of the e-mail I received regarding this issue from reader Eric Salmon. It appears that Alberta, Canada is a favorite location of Hollywood films.


From Wikipedia:

The film was shot primarily in Alberta, Canada. Ang Lee usually shoots his films in the exact locations in which they are set (another notable exception was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, in which the scenes set in the Wudangshan monastery were actually filmed at another Taoist monastery), but he decided that Alberta would be an ideal place to shoot Brokeback Mountain because of its lush landscapes broadly similar to those in Wyoming, the lower production costs in Canada, and the willingness of the Alberta Film Development Corporation, an instrument of the Alberta provincial crown, to assist with funding.


In your recent article in Philstar, "Conquering Everest", you mentioned that the location setting of the movie "Brokeback Mountain" were made in Texas and Wyoming. In publishing your articles you should be more careful in getting your facts. In the book it does say that the setting were in those places but the movie itself was made entirely in Alberta, Canada. To be exact in the areas of Kananaskis, Canmore, Calgary and Bragg Creek. I've lived in Calgary since moving here from the Philippines and almost all Canadians have known this fact for a long time now and majority of the North Americans are familiar with these landscapes since it's a favorite destination during summer time. A lot of other popular movies were made in this exotic location such as Brad Pitt's "Legends of the Fall", and his yet to be released movie about Jesse James, "Johnny Q", "Superman", X2:Xmen United, and the list just goes on and on. If you did enjoy the sceneries in the movie I suggest the you visit this place and for sure you will love this and will not hesitate to make this your home.

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Eric S.

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Edgar Lorenzo F. Nievera said...

would you know exactly where the set locations are by chance? (I'm hoping) Kasi i would like to go there too just to see and take photos!