Thursday, August 02, 2007

Josh Hartnett in Davao

Hollywood heartthrob and Scarlet Johansson's ex, Josh Hartnett, arrived in Manila today and quickly boarded a Philippine Airlines Flight to Davao.

The media wasn't allowed to interview or go near the actor but ABS-CBN Davao was able to take some footages of the actor arriving at the Davao airport. He gamely posed for a picture with an airport security guard. Hartnett kept it simple by wearing a white T-shirt, a black jacket, jeans and sneakers. He also carried a backpack.

Hartnett became famous for films such as "Black Hawk Down" and "Pearl Harbor". He is here to shoot the mystery thriller, "I Come With The Rain", at Mt. Diwalwal.


canDIshhh said...

So the reason for the non-publicity was because Hartnett's camp declined the media exposure??

Cedelf P. Tupas said...

Hi Nina,

nice blog you have here. its interesting to see you shift from showbiz to the serious stuff, which really matter. i admire your work. congratulations and keep it up. Came across your blog while sifting through adrian ayalin and bryant macale's blogs. by the way, im a classmate of marieton at ateneo and a journalist based in Bacolod.