Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Franzen: Kakosa ng Bayan

Using his hands, Franzen was about to take out his tinga infront of a group of reporters at his very own and very first press conference, but decided not to. The other reporter's didn't notice it, I didn't notice it, until I reviewed my tape. And in true Franzen fashion, after a few attempts to make it sungkit, bigla na lang niya itong...gulp! Nilunok!

The most popular Pinoy Big Brother housemate did not disappoint the press. He answered every question thrown at him. Including what really happened that night when he showed his housemates the product of his wet dreams. Was that a joke? What did he do under the sheets? Did he really relieve himself? Was he alone or with someone? And as if the questions weren't shocking enough, Franzen answers matter-of-factly, "Kusa po siyang lumabas! Pinakita ko! May Ebidensya po!" Ayayay!

He later explained he did what he did because they were joking around and he just wanted to give his housemates a good laugh. Franzen reasoned he would joke around or be super pasaway because he gets so lonely inside the house and that was his way of amusing himself. Hmmm... he knows he's playing a game and he said he wanted to win. Shouldn't he try his best to be obedient and try not to violate the rules? "Ganito po talaga ako eh," Franzen answers without batting an eyelash. Yun na. Ganun lang ka-simple.

But what concerns some of us is that many still wanted Franzen to stay inside the PBB house despite himself. He violated so many rules and yet he remains a favorite. One time, we did man-on-the-street interviews to ask if Franzen should be evicted. This was after Big Brother decided to evict Franzen because he exceeded his limit of committing violations. As expected, most of them wanted him to remain in the house "kase kawawa naman, mahirap lang yung tao."

Ang mga Pilipino talaga sadyang maawain. I must admit I initially wanted Franzen to win because he needed it the most. Pero dapat ba siyang kunsintihin? I had an epiphany when I interviewed a guy who proudly said, "Gusto ko si Franzen, simbolo siya ng mga Pinoy, ang dakilang pasaway!" Ouch! The truth hurts indeed.

No offense sa mga kakosa ni Franzen, I have nothing against the guy. He was nice and kenkoy when I met him. I admire his honesty but he said it himself, "natutunan ko na may limitasyon ang pagiging pasaway."

Hayy salamat. I'm glad Big Brother's decision prevailed instead of leaving it to the people to decide whether they should keep Franzen or Cass, who wanted to sacrifice her slot to save Franzen.

Not everyone was happy, but it was simply the right thing to do.


arvin said...

Di nyo lang talaga magets ang mga tulad ni Franzen, pero madaming nakaka-relate sa pagiging pasaway niya. Mabuhay ang ka-kosa!

james said...

hi nina, yummy ice cream you're serving! Keep up the good work!

chris rimando said...

nina, marami humahanga sa 'yo dito sa saudi arabia...particularly dito sa Saudi Electricity Company

nina said...

Thanks james! Thanks chris! Pls. send my regards to all the Pinoys there at Saudi Electricity Company. Ingat mga kababayan. :)

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