Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mig Ayesa: Mr. Nice Guy

"Take off your shirt! Take it off!" people were screaming at rocker Mig Ayesa as he took to the stage at Shangri-la Makati's Conway's.

In fairness to the fair (as our segment producerRichie would say), the guy is lean and mean. Underneath that shirt was a six-pack all right. No, he didn't take off his shirt but the buttons were loose. :)

Mig rose to fame after Australian band INXS launched its own rock star search and he landed in the final three. His performance at Conways was a blast even if he only sang three songs including his heartbreaking version of "Baby I love your way." Everyone went wild, including his Filipino relatives, among them human rights lawyer Katrina Legarda.

"I was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents were born here. I'm Filipino genetically, geographically thru and thru...I just happen to grow up in Australia. I'm proud to be a Filipino and I'm proud to be Australian," Mig said when asked about his Fil-Aussie roots.

He seemed tired but you can tell he has a happy disposition. He smiled often and has that approachable aura. What happened to the bad boy image rock stars are supposed to have? "Rock and roll should be an attitude with your craft, not with your being," Mig answered thoughtfully.

You can find out more about Mig on his homepage.


Adrian Ayalin said...

hehehe, kamukha ni pepe smith ginawang bata si mig. c constantine....wala lang hehehe.

rg said...

hi nina! im so happy youve joined the blogosphere!

ive linked up your page to mine.

lawspeak _007 said...

Nina :

Kamag-anak rin kay ni MiG si Pepe?


Anonymous said...

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