Monday, November 28, 2005

TV Patrol Re-Launches in Naga and Legaspi

Just got back to Manila this morning after spending Sunday in Naga and Legaspi with Ces Drilon. We were invited by the ABS-CBN stations in Bicol to help out in a medical mission they conducted. Ces and I also helped promote the re-launch of thier local TV Patrol. Naga and Legaspi will now have just one newscast, anchored by Cyril Toralde. Do catch that newscast in Naga and Legaspi tonight, right before TV Patrol World.

On another note, a number of you have been commenting in the Plinky Recto thread asking about the identity of her ex-partner lawyer. Honestly, she did not tell me who he is, but I found out from other sources. Some of you were asking for initials and some even posted certain names as your guess. Some were correct, others were wrong, but I've decided not to post the names anyway for the protection of all the parties involved.

Someone did post in the comments section a new blog on the Plinky Recto Civil Case The blogger says it isn't Plinky's official page but that it will be monitoring the case.

Have to go.. will blog more later after work...


Judie said...

Hello, Nina! Welcome to the blogging world! I hope you won't mind, I put your blog in my linkies. Thanks!

houseband00 said...

well, nina, the blogger on the link you provided posted links that could more or less pinpoint the identity of ms. recto's ex. it's all a matter of just looking for the common denominator of all these links to discover his identity.

hey, have fun blogging.


Anonymous said...

Is Plinky married? Was it dissolved. Is this lawyer the husband or a new boyfriend?