Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Vic Sotto: "GMA didn't ask me to give way to Mulawin"

Vic Sotto is now in the middle of a controversy over an apparent "rift" with his home channel, GMA 7, even as his movie Enteng Kabisote 2 continues to rake it in at the box office. Enteng reportedly earned P 12.4 million on it's December 25 opening date making it the top grosser that day. Now we hear that it's a close fight between Enteng and Bong Revilla's Exodus for the number one spot. Meanwhile, another fantasy movie, Mulawin, remains in the number three spot.

During Enteng's victory party (which was held simultaneously with Exodus' victory party), Bosing couldn't escape being asked about the "rift" that came out in Inquirer's entertainment page on December 26. GMA 7 already issued a statement saying that it is unfair for them to be accused of not promoting Enteng when Vic was interviewed in Beinte Kwatro Oras and S-files.

Vic, on the other hand, is also being accused of not promoting Mulawin in Eat Bulaga. The noontime show is produced by TAPE, Inc., and not GMA 7. To my surprise, Vic bluntly admitted that it's true, "Eh para naman akong loko nun kung i-promote ko ang kalaban, plastic naman yun. Di ba, kumbaga, and GMA naman puwede nila i-promote ang Mulawin the whole day. Ako sa tanghali lang naman ako nakaka-promote. Di naman ako makapag-promote sa ibang timeslot." But Vic is very much a kapuso because of his sitcom "DA de di do du." He elicited laughter when he continued in jest, "Ewan ko lang kung sa TV show ko mismo (referring to his sitcom), lumabas ako, lumabas ba? Ah oo lumabas daw."

The tension was apparently heightened when Vic's co-stars in the movie weren't allowed to guest in the talkshow "Sis." The co-stars admitted they did tape an interview about the movie for "Sis" but it was never aired. Vic however said he could understand that since it is the program's prerogative. "May guestings na na-cancel pero naiintindihan ko. Wala akong sama ng loob." Even Bong Revilla's Exodus reportedly didn't get promoted on GMA 7 as much as Bong wanted, and Bong is also a kapuso.

But Vic added, "In fairness to them, they interviewed me for Beinte Kwatro and S-files. It just shows di kami pinagbabawalan ng GMA, meron lang silang pinoprotektahang project. Siyempre ganun talaga, you protect your own investment. Business yun eh."

There were also rumors that GMA asked Vic to give way to Mulawin but Bosing denies this. "No, there's no such thing."

In the middle of all the "nasaan ang puso" intriga questions thrown at Vic, Rey Pumaloy asked an interesting question, "Kung ordinaryong tao si Vic Sotto, mapapansin kaya siya?"

I looked at Bosing. I noticed his eyes are lighter than dark brown. Ay mestizo pala siya! He still looks the same way that I remember him when I was ten years old. His answers, however funny or kenkoy they may be, show the intelligience underneath the wry smile. His mere presence commands respect. He may be famous (or infamous) for the green jokes he used to throw at aspiring beauty queens with Tito and Joey, but there was no trace of that at the presscon. He was Bosing, the down-to-earth kind. He made jokes and gave everyone a good laugh. So I guess it's not so much his looks (though a lot of people say he is "papable") but his personality that endeared him to his fans.

In the end, the reporters pressed to get a good, intriguing soundbite from Vic about the apparent "rift". Vic gave in, "Buti nga nag-number three pa sila!" He was joking of course...with just a tad touch of irony. Everyone laughed.

And then another reporter asked, "Can you please tell us the budget for Enteng Kabisote? If Mulawin spent 80 million and Exodus 70 million, eh kayo?"

The answer came easy for Bosing, "Eh di 90 million!"


proxima centauri said...

May ilang puntos kase na angat ang Enteng Kabisote sa mga "kalaban" nito. Una, ang daily exposure ni Vic at Jose. Pangalawa, mas may hatak sa mga bata si Sotto kumpara kay Sen Revilla, ang Mulawin naman, ok, naging malakas sa mga bata nuun, pero matagal na itong natapos. May mga bago nang sinusundan ang mga fans nila A. Locsin at R.Guttierez [Sugo at Darna].

Siguro di na kelangan ng EK na makipagawan pa sa airtime sa ch7. sapat na yung sa Eat Bulaga.

canDIshhh said...

hi nina!! i was told by a friend that bong revilla was boasting of his movie's budget because it was FAR MORE than that of Vic Sotto's.

I think in the end, Vic Sotto's film will lead the box-office..

Happy Holidays!

thecineaste said...

i watched Exodus and i can say that the movie is no good.

Haimi said...

this is ridiculous! hehehe... GMA7 is just showing us that they need money and they are so greedy... well, they need the money for their expansion abroad and rival TFC, anyways, sabi nga ng Aunt ko from the MidEast...'asan ang GMA nung kailangan namin sila'! go ABS-CBN! hehehe

dinorado said...

eyo... GMA 7 talaga pikon to the max.... kaya dehins nila pinag promote enteng kabisote sa kanila kasi they know naman na olat sila in terms of box office.
and for your infos...mulawin the mubi is so tsakaaaaa grabe, am just wondering why this fucking reviewers gave this tsakaaa mubi an A, instead of no ratings?
i want to think that gma films paid this reviewers para give sila ng A rating, tsakaaa talaga and please these reviewers are walang K as in karapatan because 'yung iba kaya nakaupo ay may ninong, baka nga they don't even know what's the difference bet A n B rating?
going back to gma 7, wala sila datung to promote their mubi that's why they had only one presscon, thanks to lily monteverde dahil napo-promote ang mulawin because of her.

Ladislao Sapangpalay said...

I'm also in doubt as to how Mulawin: The Movie got its A rating. Do you know if there's a website of CEB explaining their decisions on A and B ratings given and why they are given? Medyo nagtataka lang kami ng mga kakilala ko. :)