Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Plinky's Ex Speaks Up

I called Plinky Recto's ex-live in partner today to get his reaction after the TV host claimed her ex "abducted" their 1 year and 3 month old son.

The man said it was legal for him to have custody of their son since he had a TPO or Temporary Protection Order. He also called Plinky "mentally sick" and said their child needed protection from his mother.

At first, he told me he didn't want to be interviewed, and that if I come out with our conversation on TV, he would send me to jail for a year -- or at least that's what I heard since the cellphone line was choppy.

I told him he had my word if he wanted to talk off-the-record -- I just wanted to hear his side of the story. But during the course of the conversation, he agreed to be quoted on some statements.

He said he believes Plinky wants the media's attention because "she's an actress, a has been and wants to revive her career" and that "she wants to run for Mayor of Lipa City."

He also wanted to clarify that Plinky's permanent neck injury wasn't caused by him. He said that according to the doctor, it's a chronic injury, meaning it's been there all these years -- "even before we met," Plinky's ex said.

In spite of everything, Plinky's Harvard-educated ex said he is still open to reconciliation and friendship. He said he is willing to give Plinky a monthly allowance and will share custody of their son "if Plinky gets psychiatric help."

He also said, "I don't want to fight her. I just hope she stops this thing, it's not doing me, her, our son any good."

But Plinky is not backing down. "Shino-showbiz lang kayo nyan. Iba ang salita niya sa publiko sa ginagawa siya. Hindi siya mapagkakatiwalaan. Wala siyang palabra de honor!"

With that, the battle continues...


Anonymous said...

Plinky seek psychiatric help? Ridiculous. Her other son is a well-adjusted individual who isn't afraid of strangers (maybe not these days anymore - didn't he witness his brother's abduction?).

Here's an angle you can explore further - why is Plinky's manager walking around with bodyguards these days? He received a threatening message from someone - give Plinky more jobs and you'll be sorry, or words to that effect. And only last week, presumably because he's still helping her with work, he got another message saying, "You're next".

I'm all for being open-minded about who's the guilty party, but doesn't the record point more to the guy's guilt than Plinky's? I mean, let's not be so open-minded that our brains fall out!

Anonymous said...

i believe the guy - na shoshobiz lang tayo ni plinky... something in the way she cries on tv makes me not believe her true intention... bakit hndi magsalita sina Ralph Recto - help his baby sister out or the Vice Gov (yung na link kay LotLot??) - why are the elder brothers not saying anything against the exlover of their baby sister?? hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I"ve also wondered about that too - how uninvolved Plinky's family seems to be. The vice-gov is making a lot of noise, though - you haven't been paying any attention to the news.

But let me tell you from the point of view of someone who, in the "six-degrees-of-separation" game, is only one degree away from Plinky: I don't think this is just showbiz. Plinky's ex has been actively threatening Plinky's business associates. Some have gotten bodyguards. He's trying to isolate Plinky from her friends, in the most evil ways possible.

There are very few evil persons in the world. It would be safe to say that Plinky's ex is one of them. A man with no conscience. Could you really take a woman's child away like that, if you had an actual beating heart? Could you systematically destroy a person the way he's doing to Plinky, if you had a soul?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gangster is really a devil inside and out.We should know this as he accused his own brother and mother so he can have all the property of their clan.Would you sue your own brother and mother,if you are in the right frame of mind? Kaya sa tingin namin,si Mr. gangster ang may kailangan ng Psyche Evaluation as he has the symptoms of a Schizoprenic--with the feeling of Grandiosity.He thinks that his Money will work on everybody.
Kaya nga ba nakakadismaya na dito sa Pinas---biro mo 2 judges na ang mukhang nabayaran na niya.AT ano kamo---lawyer siya at harvard-bred pa???!!! but with the way he acts mukhang pasang-awa lang siya sa West Negros College---nabayaran siguro mga prof niya...Yaman Talaga!!!!
Ewan ko ba diyan kay Plinky at pinatulan naman etong si Mr. Gangster---Nabulag siguro sa matamis na dila at pagpapakita ng pera ni Mr. gangster.Hay naku plinky,Daan mo na lang yan sa dasal---pero mukhang mahirapan ka sa kakadasal at talagang malakas ang pera niya.Alam mo naman sayang din ang kikitain ng mga false witnesses at abugado niya esp. hirap na kumita ng pera ngayon.
Hay naku--kailan kaya masasabugan ng konting kabaitan yan si mr. Gangster....baka pag-nagunaw na ang mundo.Kawawa naman ang lahat niyang inapakan at balak pang-apakan dahil yan isang taong walang-kakonsensiya-konsensiya sa katawan.
Senator Ralph and Ate Vi should stand up for you na---At least si Vice-Gov nagsalita na.Kayang-kaya ng mga REcto yang si Mr. Gansgter--sino ba yan? His name doesn't ring a bell at all...

Plinky's Unknown Friend (Not Even Known to Her!) said...

I am totally convinced that the 'guy' is a very influential, scary and horrible person. I can even sense it on this site..from the reporter to the 4 anonymous commentators. This is a very sad story...especially for a mother and her two sons.

Please tell that bloody Harvard-lawyer that there is such thing as 'post natal depression'...if he thinks Plinky is behaving can be due to this. Nothing beats hormones..not even the best lawyer in the world!

But he also has done a good, there are more jobs for the bodyguards in the Philippines! That, at least, is something he must be proud of.

Anonymous said...

pareho lang silang gangster.bwahahaha!