Thursday, January 05, 2006

Showbiz Tidbits

Manny Pacquiao bought a Porsche Cayenne as a Christmas present to himself.

Plinky Recto's ex was her annulment lawyer.

JB Magsaysay gave Ms. Germany a necklace. When the two guested in Magandang Umaga Pilipinas, the Ms. Earth beauty contestant complimented JB on his shell necklace, so he gave it to her as a "goodwill" present.

Ai-Ai De Las Alas is "Mrs. Milby" because Sam forgot her last name so she told him to just call her "Mrs. Milby".

Big Brother Champion Nene and Bob spent the new year together with Bob's family in Bulacan.

And finally...konting plugging, hehe...get yourself a copy of the latest Star Studio magazine with Piolo and Judy Anne on the cover. Learn some of Piolo's shocking confessions, take a peek into Onemig Bondoc's P10 million house, be a guest at Andeng's (Bong Revilla's pretty sister and Diether Ocampo's ex) multi-million peso wedding, and check out their travel exclusive featuring photo's from my European trip. :)

The Louvre in Paris with my mom and nephew, Nicolas

View of The London Eye on the river Thames

The Grand Canal of Venice


Anonymous said...

I bought a copy of starstudio after reading your blog. Very nice pictures and captions! It felt like I was also there in Europe...with you. Hehe j/k :)

Anonymous said...

u caught me up smilling by looking at your pictures. as if u were just a close friend of mine from the old days and somehow didnt made any serious issue about it. as if you left something in me that keeps me go back and look at ur pictures over and over and again and again... I want to make my self believe that it's just a simple admiration to someone who is famous, to someone who is always been watched and seen from TV, but I guess that is not the breaking point but the simplicity of the looks and beauty. as if the girl of my dreams is almost over now...