Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Hi guys! Sorry I haven't found the time to blog as often as I want. I'm back in Magandang Umaga Pilipinas just for the week. Hope you're tuned in. I'm no longer used to waking up as early as 3:45 am in time for the start of the program at 5:15 am. Now I have no choice but it's really good to be back with the morning barkada. Nakaka-miss din pala. So I hope to make your mornings a little brighter...despite the news going from bad to worst. It's very depressing but what's more depressing is that some people keep blaming other people when it's really very simple. I stopped on my tracks when my former classmate from Tonga e-mailed me this very powerful quote from Gandhi: "Be the change that you want to be in this world."


Anonymous said...

hi Nina,

can you put a sked here of when you'll be on TV?

currently I see your pretty face only when you cover something for TV Patrol World.


nina said...

Okay. :) As of now you can catch me in:

MUP - Mon-Fri, Feb 20-24
Balitang Europe - Sundays, ANC Chan 27, 11:30pm

See you!

lily said...

hi nina :-)

napanood kita sa MUP thru TFC (Singapore), sana tuloy-tuloy na.

Anonymous said...

you must be on early.

saw News Patrol, then the La Consolacion Foundation Day celebration. are they celebrating that early??? :D

but no Nina. :(

advanced happy birthday, Lovely Nina!

Anonymous said...

Nina, you inspire me and bilib ako sa yo. Anyway, sana permanent ka na sa MUP because you're not only lovely to look at, may laman ang mga sinasabi mo. It's MUP's lost if they take you out again.

lawspeak said...

Hi Nina

I pretty miss your lovely face, its good your back.

Btw, what happened to Erwin Tulfo? Nag-resign ba s'ya or nag-avail ng early retirement? I saw him sa ibang channel sa cable.

How about the starcircle questors like Charles and Janelle?

Hope you could share some answer/s to my queries which were passed-on upon me by my wife, ( who, with heaven's blessings is your look-a-like) :)

houseband00 said...

Hi Nina,

I got to hand it to your station to flash that it's your birthday today on the ticker. Amidst a serious situation, no less! That was strangely funny.

Anyway, have a happy one!

cawldpley said...

Happy birthday NINA

lily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Miss Nina :-) Wish you all the best. Good Luck!

Ken said...

happy happy birthday, Lovely Nina!

wishing you success & happiness!

& maybe a showbiz talk show to host, so people don't have to wake up at a god-awful hour just to see your pretty face.

it's refreshing to see beauty & brains in one package.


Anonymous said...


dinorado said...

eyo, how are you. missin' you a lot haven't watching tv for past few days kasi, dehins din kita na-watch sa MUP,missed your nice pretty face. niwei,when ba your birthday, dehins tuloy kita nabati.
o, pano, see you around in abs, ibuking ba?

Quentin said...

well hello there. hope to catch you on TV

Quentin said...

well hello there. hope to catch you on TV