Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jasmine's First Time

American Idol runner-up Jasmine Trias was our celebrity guest two weeks ago in Magandang Umaga Pilipinas and as usual she was so down-to-earth and charming. Like all of us in the show, she was already there at 5 am. During the break, someone sold Tin Tin Bersola balut. Tin Tin offered one to Jasmine and the poor girl asked if it's the one with the chick inside. We all laughed. Poor Jasmine, mukhang mapapasubo si idol! Though I can relate to Jasmine because I also don't eat the chick, just the egg. We didn't want to scare Jasmine so early in the morning so Tin Tin offered her an alternative, penoy. Jasmine delicately took the penoy and Tin Tin taught her how to crack it and before we knew it, there was Jasmine enjoying her first taste of penoy! She kept saying how good it was and that she hasn't had breakfast. She finished it too. Way to go Jasmine!

Before Jasmine left the set, I teased her about Marvin Agustin. Marvin was one of the first celebrities to welcome Jasmine during her first visit to the Philippines. I think Marvin was interviewing her for ETK at that time and I was there for TV patrol. Jasmine revealed back then how much she admired the loveteam of Marvin and Jolina and that she used to watch their movies. Filipinos in Hawaii would often tell Jasmine that she looks like Jolina. Magpaikalanman will soon feature Jasmine's life story and as expected, Jasmine wants Jolina to portray her. As for Marvin, well he went from being Jolina's ex-loveteam to Jasmine's real-life admirer. Jasmine was surprised when someone sent flowers to her hotel room and when she asked who it was from, you guessed it, Marvin!


jay-r said...

yeah, jasmine seems very down-to-earth. remember her in extra-challenge last year? she had no qualms doing all the challenges and showed she was more game than ruffa and donita.

ken said...

I agree with jay-r.

I was flabbergasted when I saw Jasmine climbing that coconut tree. Amazing that Ruffa & Donita did that too. I wonder what it took to get them to do those things?

Anyway,Nina's as pretty as ever!