Sunday, May 28, 2006

Star Quotes

Susan Roces on whether she will accept FPJ's award as National Artist for 2006 after news reports said that Malacanang has already sent an invitation for the awarding ceremony to be held on June 8 or 9:

"Tawagin mo na akong makaluma pero yan ang itinuro sa amin, kung ikaw ay walang pormal na paanyaya ay hindi ka basta sisipot sa isang pagtitipon at baka ikaw ay mapahiya at sabihing, hindi ka naman imbitado."

When asked if she thinks that the award has long been overdue:

"Bilang isang kabiyak, ayokong mag-comment dyan pero bilang isang artista at kasama niya sa propesyon, he deserves it."


Senator Jinggoy Estrada's reaction after President Arroyo recently approved the National Commission for Culture and the Arts' recommendation for FPJ and five others to be recognized as National Artist:

"As far as I am concerned Gloria Arroyo is not the President."

Jinggoy on whether Susan should accept FPJ's award as National Artist for 2006:

"Okay lang."


Piolo Pascual on Ryan Agoncillo's threat, "next time I see him, I'll put him in his place" (after Piolo insinuated that Ryan and girlfriend Judy Anne Santos are "having problems") :

"Ewan ko, san kaya yun? (laughs)"


Eleven year old Dominique Cojuangco's reaction when asked if she thinks her mom, Gretchen Barreto, is beautiful:



James Yap on Kris Aquino:

"Maalagain tsaka di mo akalain magaling magluto."


Jenny Hernandez on boyfriend Eugene Tejada's ability to have children after the PBA player fractured his cervical spine:

"May sense of humor pa rin siya despite what happened, he assured me naman na okay pa si manoy!"


Jackey said...

for you Niña, we're from sn carlos pangasinan working for our LGU and surfing the net we chanced upon ur website. Just a single comment, 'we admire your' instead of the countless showbiz topics u dish out.

Jackey Salcedo.....

Anonymous said...

hi. have u seen kris' picture in youdiehard's? the site is

The 6680 Junkie said...

on jenny's quote:

well, her ex's manoy is ok but jenny's monay if now free as a... (bird?)

well.. that very minute her bf fell, i knw from the start that the relationship's over.

The 6680 Junkie said...

btw, niña idol! u remind of my ex!